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As Community Colleges ‘Have Their Moment,’ Leaders Face Tough Challenges

Steve Moore didn’t expect to go back to college. He dropped out long ago, when he was a “20-year-old-hot-head” and landed a lucrative job at a friend’s start-up. At the time he figured he didn’t need college. Now he’s 29, but that company shut down, and he’s unexpectedly out of work. ...
Mar 23

Confessions of an Ex-Lecturer

When this semester started, I spent the first two weeks tracking down students — via email and other methods — so that I could invite them to use the digital tools I’ve assigned for my online survey course on U.S. history. I could have just sent emails to their university accounts but, in my experience, most students hardly ever check their campus email. ...
Mar 14

Gender in the Job Interview

As women move up the leadership ranks in higher education, they find fewer and fewer female peers. That’s been fairly well documented by the American Council on Education and other sources, and is no surprise to those of us in the executive-search industry. ...
Mar 10

Preparing to apply for higher education employment opportunities

Many people get discouraged when they hear the words “job” and “education” in the same sentence nowadays.  Though it certainly isn’t a walk in the park to acquire a job at higher education institutions, it is simpler than you think to be potentially qualified for a professor or advisor job. ...
Mar 1

Breaking Into Textbook Publishing: The Field is More Level Than You Think

Academic publishing. One might think the entire system has broken down. The Internet is filled with articles and Weblogs (blogs) that bemoan the fact that quality scholarship often goes unpublished. With 44,000-plus newly-minted Ph.D.s each year, many of whom invade campuses to try to climb the tenure ladder, the competition to have one’s work published is fierce. ...
Feb 21

Is There A Place For Open-Source Textbooks In Higher Education?

For decades, a leading complaint among college students has been the price of textbooks. If they purchase all of their required books brand new, the bill each full-time semester generally hovers somewhere around $500-600, or roughly $80 to $100 for each required book given a course load of four or five classes. ...
Feb 17

Parenting & Professing: Balancing Family Work with an Academic Career

Drawn to this book like a hungry baby to a pillow-soft mammary, I found myself unable to latch on to its central message—that mothers teaching full-time in the college classroom are scarce, perhaps because they are disrespected, mistrusted, and unwanted. ...
Feb 9

Dear Mr. President: This is how federal funding to universities works

The University of California at Berkeley canceled a talk by inflammatory Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos and put the campus on lockdown after intense protests broke out on Feb. 1. (Video: The Washington Post / Photo: AP)
The University of California at Berkeley canceled a talk by inflammatory Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos and put the campus on lockdown after intense protests broke out on Feb. ...
Feb 3

The Evolving Role of the Lecture in Higher Education

The lecture has been a staple of pedagogy since the first formal higher-learning universities were established in Western Europe in the 11th century. Recent studies show that it is still very widely used, but sometimes due more to cost-effectiveness and familiarity than to a belief that it remains a highly effective method of instruction. ...
Jan 26

Adjunct professors at HCC hope union vote brings higher pay

TAMPA — Twenty minutes passed in the parking lot. Cheryl DeFlavis' 5-year-old son kept asking questions. Why are we here? What's going on?
DeFlavis, 34, had heard of adjunct professors like herself sleeping in cars and getting evicted. ...
Jan 17