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Energy Manager

AD0887 - Energy Manager
Facilities Management

PRIMARY FUNCTION(S): Develop and implement a comprehensive approach for the management of energy consumption at each college. Continually improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce the colleges' greenhouse gas emissions, and align this program with available utility, state, federal, and regional utility incentive programs. Achieve results through cooperation and collaboration across both institutions.

Energy Monitoring: Monitor and report energy use at an appropriate level of resolution. Make recommendations for investment in energy monitoring equipment and systems. Continually evaluate the status and functionality of energy monitoring programs. Manage metering and monitoring equipment and systems, including commissioning and ongoing maintenance as necessary. Review energy bills and other relevant information. Review and assess information gathered through energy monitoring to determine opportunities for improvement.

Energy Procurement: Assess and evaluate energy procurement options and strategies. Develop innovative approaches to energy procurement that consider joint contracts with other institutions, buying and/or selling power, pre-paying, sourcing "green" or renewable power, and other approaches. Maximize the institution's buying power while targeting renewable energy sources and an overall goal for carbon reduction. Develop agreements, contracts, or similar commitment documents as necessary. Write specifications for energy commodities and negotiate transportation rates as necessary.

Energy Conservation: Continually seek ways to reduce energy consumption through operational efforts. Identify ways to turn equipment and systems off while continuing to meet operational needs and requirements for temperature control, safety, and programs. Develop and implement lighting control strategies. Implement peak-shaving and demand-limiting strategies. Monitor or model the energy and financial effects of conservation efforts. Utilize the college's Building Automation Systems in cooperation with the HVAC and central plant departments to accomplish energy conservation goals. Promote energy conservation through participation in committees, engagement with students, and other means.

Energy Efficiency: Participate in planning and design related to energy efficiency improvements as a key stakeholder for major capital efforts. Work with capital project managers to identify and implement appropriate energy efficiency attributes of projects within budget and schedule parameters. Participate in design review, submittal review, punchlist, and commissioning work as necessary. Identify and assist in the implementation of minor projects that are not large enough to be considered capital efforts. Identify new technologies or opportunities to responsibly expand use of technologies currently in use.

Regulatory Assistance: Identify potential grant, rebate, or other regulatory assistance for the implementation of any energy-related effort that may be of benefit. Complete the paperwork, applications, or reporting associated with such assistance and act as the college's primary point of contact. Track and manage energy credits as necessary. Monitor and management all financial aspects of participation in regulatory assistance programs.

Communications/Collaboration: Perform frequent and robust communications related to all activities. Utilize a variety of communications tools and methods to foster collaboration. Conduct meetings, perform training activities, and provide encouragement to capture participation and enthusiasm for energy-related improvements to operations and projects. Collaborate with other departments and stakeholders as necessary to build a culture of common purpose. Establish positive relationships with all levels of college administration, faculty and students, as well as local regulatory bodies. Prepare reports as requested and as necessary to communicate successes and challenges to energy management.

Other Duties as Assigned: Perform miscellaneous tasks as necessary for the demonstrated successful implementation of an energy management program. Perform calculations and quantitative efforts as necessary or requested to determine savings, impacts, or paybacks of different scenarios. Represent either institution as necessary. Develop scopes of work and contractual agreements for consultants or other professional services.

Education/Experience: Undergraduate degree in engineering, environmental studies, business, or a related discipline and 10 years of relevant experience in energy management and procurement or an equivalent combination of education/experience. Experience working in higher education or similar institution, familiarity with cogeneration plants and experience with climates similar to New England preferred.

Skills: Strong computer skills, including the ability to learn new software as necessary. Ability to fully utilize email, electronic calendars, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Working knowledge of building automation systems, engineering, and building systems. Significant technical knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems. Strong knowledge of energy regulations, energy procurement, and utility programs. Experience conducting energy audits.

Ability to evaluate and analysis energy data and information. Ability to draw conclusions from such information.

Strong financial and contract management skills. Ability to negotiate.

Must be detail-oriented. Excellent time management skills and ability to deliver work on assigned schedules. Demonstrated ability to access any portion of a construction/facility site including climbing ladders to assess conditions and perform inspections of existing facilities. Skilled in communicating information to a diverse set of constituencies in a collegial environment. Must demonstrate integrity and sound judgment, leadership and communication skills. Demonstrated excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to work effectively with all levels in a demanding environment. Demonstrated ability to act decisively and independently to resolve complex issues. Must establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, city officials, other government agencies, and the general public.

This is a two year, limited-term position.

This position is a shared position between Smith College and Amherst College, 50% time at each institution. Given the time limitations of the half-time assignment at each institution, tasks will be prioritized within these areas to provide appropriate workload.

Smith College in an EO/AA/Vet/Disability employer