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Sutter Health
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Oakland, California
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SMU-Adjunct Instructor (Online) FNP Program


The adjunct faculty member teaching an online MSN course is accountable to the Lead faculty for the course. The adjunct faculty member teaching in an online format is responsible for creating a positive learning environment for students in accordance with the educational objectives of the course and for implementing the course policies as identified in the course syllabus to ensure the successful achievement of course objectives.


The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to build a welcoming and supportive campus environment, and acknowledge that diversity is an educational imperative to achieve excellence.


  • RN License or NP License may be required dependent upon course content

  • Masters in Nursing, or related field is required

  • Demonstrated current competence in theory area

  • Effective leadership and communication skills

  • Past experience in teaching online preferred

  • Proficient with technology as identified below

  • Participates in meetings related to the course.


·        Basic Computer Operations\: Creates and manipulates documents, manages files and folders, and works with multiple windows.

·        Network Connectivity\: Establishes network connections on personal computers or mobile devices

·        Multimedia\: Works with integrated audio and video devices for real-time communications or content recording

·        Navigating online course space\: Locates critical course elements, such as syllabus, lessons, grade book, and e-mail   

·        Course Communication Tools\: Converses via email, chat, web conferencing, discussion forums, and announcements as needed.

·        Manage Course Members and Collaboration Groups\:  Sets-up and manages teams/groups within a course and adds instructors, teaching assistants, and outside guests with the appropriate permissions.

·        Content Management\:  Uploads and downloads submissions via cloud based applications (e.g. LMS, Dropbox, Google Docs)