University of Iowa workers happy with jobs

An annual survey showed that UI employees are generally pleased with their jobs.
By Marissa Payne
[email protected]
The results of the 2016 Working at Iowa survey revealed that the members of the University of Iowa workforce are, overall, content with their jobs. ...

Harvard’s $36bn endowment to hire external managers

Harvard is laying off half the 230 staff who work on its $36bn endowment and hiring external asset managers instead, in an attempt to reverse a decade of underperformance relative to other Ivy League schools.
Narv Narvekar, who was poached from Columbia University last year to become chief executive of the endowment’s management company, Harvard Management (HMC), said the university was not able to attract the talent or come up with the investing ideas to justify an in-house team of hedge fund-style managers. ...

The Pursuit of Diversity

It is imperative that Harvard hire and tenure more women and scholars of color
By The Crimson Editorial Board
At last Tuesday’s faculty meeting, Dean of Faculty Affairs and Planning Nina Zipser presented on the current composition of the faculty, focusing particularly on trends in the hiring of women and minorities. ...

10 major moments in black history at U.Va.

1. First black student
Gregory H. Swanson, a Martinsville attorney, was the first African-American individual to ever be admitted to U.Va. He matriculated into the Law School Sept. 15, 1950, only after the Board of Visitors heard a federal court order requiring his admission. ...

Baylor Provost Announces Faculty Opportunity Hiring Program

Program will provide another pathway to attract top intellectual talent, increase underrepresented faculty in the STEM fields
WACO, Texas (Jan. 24, 2017) – L. Gregory Jones, executive vice president and provost at Baylor University, has announced a new faculty opportunity hiring program, one of several new initiatives that will deepen and advance the University’s aspirations in Pro Futuris as a pre-eminent Christian research university. ...

H.U. President Offers Strategies At Yale On Minority Teacher Hiring

Offer aspiring teachers scholarship money. After hiring them, match them with veteran-teacher mentors. And treat them with respect.
The nearly four-decade head of an historically Black university offered those tips and others Thursday night to school districts like New Haven that seek to increase the number of Black and Latino teachers in their classrooms. ...

Cyberattack 101: Why Hackers Are Going After Universities

With their vast stores of personal data and expensive research, universities are prime targets for hackers looking to graduate from swiping credit card numbers.
These aren't college kids trying to change their grades. They're potentially "nation-state actors" much like the hackers who have targeted large corporations in the past, said Michael Oppenheim, intelligence operations manager at Internet security firm FireEye. ...

Can Campus Computer Networks Ever Be Secure?

The Internet was built on university campuses. It was built by academics for academics, and without any notion of the new kinds of commerce, crime, and espionage it would enable.
As the Internet spread beyond purely academic circles and became a valuable tool for corporations and governments, as well as a target for criminals and terrorists, a vast—and growing—security industry sprang up to develop new controls and defenses that would protect us against threats. ...

Rutgers pledges additional $10 million to diversity hiring programs

At Rutgers’ 250th commencement ceremony, President Barack Obama said "America converges here," noting that the University had a diverse student body with experiences from around the world.
Rutgers prides itself on diversity, with nearly half of its undergraduate students being of black, Latino, Asian, and other minority groups. ...

Colleges’ promises to diversify face one challenge: finding black faculty

Felecia Commodore came into her job search armed with a University of Pennsylvania doctorate in higher education and published research papers. But after a year of looking, she still didn’t have a job.
Commodore, who is black, couldn’t help but wonder whether race played a part as she was rejected from one college teaching job after another. ...